Discussion Leadership Schedule

On the day for on you have signed up, you and your partner will lead our discussion of primary and secondary sources. Please note, you must work together to write a conversation starter blog post before class that day.

Unit I: Political Revolution

Week 4
Feb. 10: The Revolutions of 1917
Ainsley Klaric
Kendyle Bennett

Unit II: Social Revolution

Week 5
Feb 19: Peter’s Social Revolution
Casey Ruppen
Kenny Jimenez

Week 6
Feb. 24: Catherine’s Educational and Publishing Revolutions
Lauren Griswold
Kate Sullivan

Feb. 26: Pugachev’s Rebellion
Liam Sullivan
Chase Weiland

Week 7
Mar 2: Conquest and Revolt in the Caucasus
Blake Aber

Mar 4: Soviet Social Revolution
Owen Leason
Max Kimmell

Unit III: Cultural Revolution

Week 10
Mar 30: Peter’s Cultural Revolution
John Henry
Erik Blasic