Revolutions Timeline

Click on this link to open the timeline: Revolutions Timeline

Working together with your Timeline Group, you will add three items to this timeline in each unit of this course (Political Revolution, Social Revolution, and Cultural Revolution). All posts are due by the start of class on the last day of the unit (Feb. 12, Mar. 23, and Apr. 15). Each group will give a brief presentation of their new items in class that day. This assignment is graded collaboratively; I will assign one grade to each group. Please be creative and have fun!

Adding items to the Timeline
You can add an item by filling in a row in this Spreadsheet. It will automatically sort by date, so just add a new row at the bottom. Remember, for the Timeline to work, you must fill in at least “Year,” “Headline,” and “Text.” It will be more fun if you fill in “Media,” as well. You must not change the column headers, remove any columns, or leave any blank rows in your spreadsheet.

We are using an open source application called Timeline JS. You can check out their website here.