Final Paper Assignment


This paper is the culminating assignment of this class, and more importantly, an opportunity for you to research, consider, and draw analytical conclusions about a subject you find interesting and significant in relation to the question of revolutionary change in Imperial Russian, Soviet, and Post-Soviet history. The topic of your paper is up to you, but you must discuss it with me before you begin. The purpose of this meeting is to get you started in a viable direction, so you will not hit major roadblocks further on. I encourage you to be bold, be creative, and have fun!

Due to the limitations of remote learning, all of your sources should come from our syllabus. In choosing you topic, look through the syllabus and think about what subject you would like to explore by bringing different sources together with each other.

For complete instructions, please review the full assignment by clicking the link below. ***CAPSTONERS, check out the special instructions for you at the end of the regular assignment: